Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To Finecast or not...

I have officially built my first Finecast model. Overall I would rate the experience a 9 out of 10. I built the Dark Eldar Lord that will be the center piece to my planned Dark Eldar army. Now there were definitely things I liked about the Fincast and things I did not. I think this is a process that will become more streamlined and perfected as Games Workshop produces more of these models.

The things I liked:

1. On the DE Lord I got there was almost no model lines

2. The detail is a huge difference on certain models.

3. You need a little dot of super glue for these models.

4. Conversion possibilities are unlimited.

5. Did not have the slimy feel of resin models ala Forge World.

6. You don’t have to wash, but I recommend that you do, just to be safe.

7. No need to primer.

8. Not Brittle like Forge World. Great flexibility in the models.


10. This will change how model companies produce models. GW was very forward thinking.

The things I didn't like:

1. You will need to have good hobby knowledge or skills to assemble.

2. Noticed a fair amount of miscast. GW’s great Customer Service takes care of those problems.

3. Need to be careful where you store your models in warm climates. Heat is no friend of Finecast.

4. People on the interwebs trying to sabotage this great release. Stores around the world are kicking themselves because they did not order enough and missed out on the original allotment.

5. It took GW so long to do something like this.

Overall I would highly recommend Finecast. In fact I will be putting all my metal models on eBay this weekend. If the models are not in a painted army, they will find a home with a gamer that has a hard on for metal models. I would like to applaud Games Workshop for this giant leap forward in gaming and hope other companies will soon follow suit.


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  1. Nice to see a good review of Finecast, I'm psyched I can buy all the great models that I never wanted to mess with when they were metal.