Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 2 Results of our Planetary Empires

Week Two results:

Mike (Space Wolves) v Digger (Tyranids)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Mike 6 Kill Points to Digger’s 5 (Mike captured one of Digger’s territories)

Mike was able to pullout the victory against the dreaded Tyranids. Mike avoided combat most of the game and was able to charge to his advantage. Many Space Wolves lost their lives that day but Mike was able to win.

Matt (Grey Knights) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Spearhead

Winner: Matt 1 objective to Steve’s 0 (Matt captured one of Steve’s territories)

Matt was able to win the day with his fire power. The Space Wolves fought valiantly but they succumbed to the weight of the Grey Knight’s firepower. Matt contested Steve’s objective and controlled his. This was Steve’s second game of 40k and he came close to winning. I look forward in the coming weeks to see if Steve can secure his first win.

Chase (Red Corsairs) v. Kip (Space Wolves)

Mission: Black Crusade (CSM mission from the Battle Missions book).

Deployment: Pitch battle

Winner: Draw Kip 14 Kill Points to Chase’s 14 Kill Points

This game can be summed up by one word, “CARNAGE”! This was a back and forth affair with both players killing large amount of troops. In this mission any non-vehicle or non-independent can come back in that player’s deployment zone. This was a bloody battle of the highest order. Kip and Chase highly recommend the mission!

Kyle (Night Lords) v Rik (Blood Angels)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Winner: Kyle 1 objectives to Rik’s 0 objectives (Kyle captured one of Rik’s territories)

This game was close and thank god for the gaming ending when it did. For the first half of the game I was able to control the Blood Angels. A well place vindicator shot almost had Rik’s assault squad flee off the table with the first shot of the game. The second half of the game was controlled by Dante and his angels of death. The Blood Angels were downright nasty on the charge with the Sanguinary Priest. Rik was in position to at least contest if not win the game out right but the game ended due to random game length.

Bill (Orks) v. Digger (Tyranids)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Spearhead

Winner: Bill 6 Kill points to Digger’s 3 kill points

This was a rematch of week one and Bill was able to get some revenge. Bill hand the game in hand for the start. With great rolling for his lootas he was able to kill 2 Carnifexs in turn one. The score could have been a lot worse but you have to kill a lot of models to earn a single Kill Point. Bill was unable to capture one of Digger’s territories.


Kyle (Night Lords) v Kip (Space Wolves)

Chase (Red Corsairs) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Matt (Grey Knights) v Rik(Blood Angels)

Digger (Tyranids) v Matt (Grey Knights)

Mike (Space Wolves) v Bill (Orks) REMATCH

Another week went by with some great games and some very close games as well. I was able to bring my record to 3-0 but I needed the game to end early for me. Now I have the dreaded Space Wolves staring me down!


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