Friday, June 3, 2011

Astral Claws have landed

Astral Claws Rhino Doors
Astral Claws Land Raider Doors
Astral Claws Terminator Shoulder Pads
Astral Claws Marine Shoulder Pads

So the Astral Claw Forge World products have finally landed, well sort of. I for one have been waiting patiently and I'm super excited that they're here. I have talked about doing this army for almost a year. I never got it starter because I would not be able to or want to torture myself by hand painting those symbols on every marine. Now my primered Huron will finally have an army to lead!

The reason I'm so excited, is due to Huron. He is my favorite character in all of 40k. He was one of it's heralded sons that fell from the Emperor's light. Huron thought he was doing the right thing, but Huron felt that the Imperium's bureaucratic system was hindering his efforts to defend the Imperium. He fought valiantly but ultimately was beaten by the combined forces of the Imperium and was grievously wounded in its final battle. Huron is now a renegade and his name is feared throughout the Imperium of Man. Stay tune as I order these Astral Claw products and build my army!


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