Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paint night and its importance

Today I thought I would write about one of my favorite nights of the week, paint night! Now paint night is not the only time I paint during the week, but it is a great opportunity to hang with my gaming group and slap some paint on models. Our paint night usually goes for four to six hours and generally three of my buddies. I will break it down why I find paint night beneficial to you and your club.

1. Feedback: This is a chance to receive good and honest advice. Generally you are all friends but lay down some ground rules and insure that the feedback is positive. I find during this process you will exchange large amounts information from shortcuts to a special mix you may have. This really helps your hobby expand.

2. Development: Slowly the hobby skills of your group or club will increase. Your better painters can help improve all the groups’ skills and overall hobby. This also helps break down the “fear” barrier. The positive painting environment will give the weaker painters the much desired confidence.

3. Consistency: For your group to be successful you must have a set time and set local. If you are trying to establish a hobby habit, you must be consistent. If anything is for sure in this world you will know that the painting club with run on said day and time. For example group meets on Wednesday at 5:30 pm every week.

4. Movies, TV or Music: It is a must to have this playing in the background. This will give you a chance to take a break and focus on something other than models for 10 mins or so. Plus how doesn’t love to hear Predator, Master Commander or another great movie in the background. The movies will set the mood, just be careful who is picking the movies.

5. Fun: For me it is all about painting models and hanging out with my buddies. It is a break from family, man cave, girlfriend/wife or whatever. This is a hard step for most but having a good gaming group will encourage your hobby to new heights.

Try to see if you can organize your own paint night and see what results you get. Pick a night that you could all attend and make sure that it is for fun. If you make painting feel like work, then painting will become work. Remember have fun!


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  1. I wish my gaming group was close enough for a regular painting night, it sounds like a blast.