Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Man, The Myth, The Legend...

Today I have to mark as a special day for me. Now I would have to agree that it can be considered nerdy or fanboyish, but I got to interview Rick Priestley for 40k Radio. Though I worked for GW almost 7 years I was never able to cross paths with one of my childhood heroes. Yes I said that right, hero! The one thing that struck me the most was how down to earth he is. I had to cage the little fan boy inside so that I would not freak him out. This was akin to a young boy getting to meet Santa for the first time.

After interviewing Rick, I have to say he is one hell of a guy. He was open to all the questions we asked, from why are there 18 primarchs to how the Tau came into being. He also talked about Squats and why they were “dropped” or never revisited as a race. We planned on the interview lasting 45 minutes but it ended up being over an hour and thirty minutes. The episode with we ready for down load on June 15th from www.40kradio.com or straight to your iTunes.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mike drops in

As we grow as a blog you will get to meet the guys I play with. These are a bunch of great guys and Hobbyist. I would like to introduce you to Mike.

I guess I should introduce myself as I was asked by a bud to give some of my awesome insight into this fun hobby of ours. My name is Mike, I am married and I have a couple teenagers (one daughter and one son) who also play this game. I just got into the hobby a couple years ago when a local store opened that was run by Kyle. I bought some Space Marines and made my own special Raven Guard. My Raven Guard did very well against the locals here in AZ. I then took a break from 40k for a while, until recently when I started a new army. I chose Space Wolves and plan to play them in a campaign that will be held at Kyle's house.

Getting back into this hobby is not an easy thing to do. I mean, hell, it’s just like any other hobby. To do it right you have to pay through the nose. So I start getting back into 40K and BOOM, GW craps on my chests with another price increase. I'm pretty sure that was the last reason why I quit playing... but this time I'm going to power through it. We have a nice gaming group going here. We get together play, theoryhammer, and just hang out. It is a great distraction so I don’t get sucked into another MMORPG!

This will be the beginning of a constant blog update of my Space Wolves, building them, painting them and finally playing games with them. I mean, who doesn't want to hear funny stories of me ripping the dicks off of Kyle and Rik? It’s what I do, run and tell that.

So here we go to kick this off. Here is the basis for my army and the reasons I picked them. Feel free to comment at the end on what you would change or add as I will be changing and adding to the army in the future. This is just the base army.

HQ -

Bran Redmaw (Ragnar Blackmane) - I love Furious Charge, that’s it; plain and simple. If I can get it in an army, I will. I find him kinda expensive, but when you combine him with 3 other power weapon characters you can get some crazy damage going. Let’s say you hit 3 on his D3 roll... that’s 8 S6 hits, 6 S5 hits, 6 S5 hits with claws and 5 S5 hits... all power weapon with preferred enemy... then 45 or so regular hits?

Wolf Priest w/ Wolf Tail Talisman - Preferred Enemy is hot sauce. Put him with Redmaw and the 10man Grey Hunters in a Land Raider.

Elite -

Dreadnought W/hvy Flamer - I love Dreads and they can do so many different things. For the same points I can put on a Missle Launcher so it’s flexible in the list.

5Man Wolf Scout Pack W/ Meltagun, Melta Bombs and 3 Sniper Rifles - Scouts off any table edge? Cmon thats like a no brainer. You gotta take that. They will be blowing up armor... hopefully.

Wolf Guard -

(1) Dual Wolf Claws, Melta Bombs - Goes in the 10man Grey Hunter unit.

(2) Powerfist and Bolter - Goes in a 9man Grey Hunter unit.

(3) Powerfist and Bolter - Goes in a 9man Grey Hunter unit.

Troops -

10man Grey Hunters w/ 2 Meltas and a Power Weapon. - This unit goes with all the badness in the Land Raider. The first list had Blood Claws, but with Redmaw I don’t need the Blood Claws so it changed to Grey Hunters. That would make 4 characters with power weapons, furious charge. +D3 on the charge and Preferred Enemy. The one weakness is no Powerfist (which I don’t like using in a Furious Charged unit) and only one Melta Bomb... but really... I don’t think I am going to be charging this unit into an Ironclad or anything like that.

9man Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun and Power Weapon in a Rhino. x2 - These are my basic objective taking troops. They cover most any problem with the Power Weapon and Powerfists along with the Meltagun.

5man Grey Hunters w/ Razorback and TL Lascannons - This is the defensive objective holder for the army. People may say that Las/Plas is the way to go, but I roll so shitty that I need that twin-linked action.

Heavy -

Land Raider Crusader w/ Multi-Melta - 13 First Great Company warriors running into your face and eating your heart.

Predator w/ TL Lascannon and Lascannon sponsons x2 - Why? Stormravens suck. I love them if I play with them (which I don’t) and I hate them when I play against them (which I do). So eat all my Lascannons you Grey Knight and Blood Angel gaybirds, like Rik and Matt I got your ceramite armor right here!

So here is some of the army... all the troops, Land Raider, Dreadnought and Rhino before priming. I already have the other crap ordered so just waiting for it. I should have it all built by the weekend. More pics and updates to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

- Mike

Monday, May 23, 2011

Citadel Finecast

Today GW released the information for Citadel Finecast line. I'm very excited about this new product and what it means for “my” hobby. Over the years I have grown tried of metal and the extra work those models take. Pewter models have been a pain in my ass, whether its pinning them, hacking/drimilling for a bit or the over all weight to transport. Now we will get those models in resin!

There are a lot of adavantages to resin. Ease of converting has to be number on on the list. This will allow you to take your hobby to new hiegths. Ease of cleaning the model. I’m not saying there wont be flash, I just saying it is going to be easier. I think that you will also notice new details on the models. Resin can really bring out the small details and really make the model pop.

I’m waiting before I make my final judgement on the models till I have them in my hand, but I’m very excited. Look for a full review once I get a couple of the new Citadel Finecast.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you a hobby champ or a hobby chump?

With the newest round of price raises came out all the trolls blowing GW up. Yes, having to pay more money for models sucks. But here is a thought.....why don't you get more out of those models you have already?

I have noticed a bad trend in the hobby lately. That trend is to make a list that crushes starfishes at all costs and to do as little hobbying (modeling, converting, painting, etc) as possible. Tournaments are no longer judged upon a combination of wins, sportsmanship and painting. Instead it is all about winning. The result is tables full of silver and and grey armies or worse yet, armies that are terribly painted in a hurry (I am looking at you Stelek). I blame the whole Privateer Press mentality. When was the last time you saw an unpainted army in White Dwarf?

I would like see people take fun lists. I would like to see cool looking armies (not all ten Space Marines in a squad posed the same way). I would like to see proper hobbying (at least try to remove the mold lines....after all they don't give you an extra attack). And I would like to see people properly paint their armies. You get so much more out of the game building and painting a cool looking army. And with all of the new foundations and washes it is not that hard to make an army look rad.

So instead of taking a giant crap on the hobby and GW, sit back and ask yourself "Am I getting the most out of my hobby?"


Forge World

Forge World hits another homerun again. Today FW release MKII and MKV Assault Marines for sale. The Pre-Hersey line continues to expand and now we have access to close combat weapons. Some of the arm poses are not to my liking, but they are resin and I can easily covert them into a new position. Going off topic a little, this is why I’m super psyched about Citadel fine cast. Working with resin is immensely easier and allows for a cleaner finish when the model is done.

My only hope is the nebulous GW think tank is taking notice of these new FW models and tries to incorporate these into the current line of Space Marine products. Maybe one day they transition to plastic kits along the same line as the Tau Piranha, IG Valkyrie, SM Drop Pod and so on....


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hobby Pillars

Kip and I are feverishly working on the pics of my Ultramarines and the progress of my Night Lords. I was hoping to have it up and ready to go this weekend, but my future father in-law in coming into town.

I do want to take a little time and talk about the craziness about GW on the interwebs. It seems to happen this time every year, but gamers and especially mouth breathers go nuclear over GW’s price raises. Now I guess the first couple years you could feign shock and surprise but this happens every year. Just like moths to a flame the internet trolls are drawn out of their mom’s basement to post the ills of GW pricing them out of the hobby or bemoaning big business and how life is so unfair. My simple answer is get over it or get out of it.

Now that is a very heartless way of looking at it but let’s be adults about it. At some point the hobbyist needs to look at his hobby and himself and evaluate what type of experience he is deriving from it. It looks very expensive if you’re a casual player that maybe paints, maybe collects and sometimes play a GW game. Diehards like me and my gaming group enjoy the four pillars of GW games. Let’s break down the four pillars and find out where you fall. This will help you evaluate whether the hobby is worthwhile.

1. Collecting:
This is for the guys that have to have every model the army has or you purchase models solely for the esthetic look of the model. I for example have a lot of Eldar models because I love their look. I do not play that army nor do I have enough to play said army. I do love the Eldar models immensely.

2. Building:
This is for the hobbyist who enjoys the model aspect, whether it is building a lowly grot to a Storm Raven. Ninety percent of you Ork players fall into this category. These are the crazy Ork players who kit bash to make their own unique vehicles. This is a category for the gamer who loves to do army wide conversions or making his leaders unique to his army.

3. Painting:
This pillar is one of my personal favorite. This is for the guy that who enjoys painting themed armies or just loves to paint a model at a time. You may see this guy at the paint table/paint bar of your FLGS. Sometimes people become a slave to this pillar, you know them as contract painters. It is a fine line to walk and it is fraught with pitfalls. It’s a lot like drug dealing, the money is great and one day it will kill you (First 48 is my reference)!

4. Playing:
This pillar is can be a culmination of the three previous pillars. You can play small games at your house to travelling hundreds/thousands of miles to go to a tournament. There is a thriving business of running GT and tournaments across the world. I personally love to play in my garage or my FLGS. This pillar can also get intense for some and it consumes their life.

If you find yourself deriving fun or enjoyment for any of the pillars why would you not stay in the hobby. Like all hobbies they have their expense and GW is a premium hobby. GW is the Royals Royce of the gaming industry and you pay for that. If you like playing games and don’t care what your models look like then move along to Warmachine and Hordes with their bootleg ass models.

Let’s tackle the argument that others games are cheaper. I will use GW’s top two competitors for comparison.

Flames of War will be the first company we focus on. Now before for we get into it, I want to let everyone know that Flames of War is my second favorite game behind 40k. I will use the example of my 5. SS Wiking army from page 49 of the River of Heroes book.

This 2,000 point army cost the following:
1x Panzaergrenadier Kompanie Box $40
1x Panther A Platoon Box $70
1x Panzer IV H Platoon Box $58
1x Panzaergrenadier Kompanie box $65
1x Panzaergrenadier platton blister $17.50
10x Panzerfaust $17.50
10x Panzerschrecks $17.50
1x Pioneer Platton $23
6x SDkfz 251/7d $75
3x Opel Blitz 3-ton truck $37.50
3x SDkfz 4/1 Quads $37.50

Total: $405.50

As you can see that it is comparable in size of army points as well as cold hard cash. As you can see running of into the awaiting arms of Flames O’, you will pay similar prices. I really do love this game and it would be my first recommendation if you choose to leave the light of the Emperor.

#1 World Ranked Warmachine/Hordes player

Onto Warmachine/Hordes ala the bottom feeders of the gaming industry. First off, this steam punk craze is as cool as guys wearing skinny jeans. In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy “It’s just plain dumb!” This reminds me of the days when Heavy Gear in the late 90’s was supposed to surpass GW. I have never seen such a collection of unwashed booger-eaters that can barely build their models, let alone paint them for god sake! At least No Quarter removed its head out of its ass and stopped putting unpainted models in their magazine. Now I actually used to play this game but the players killed it for me. I finally had understood where all the 40k mouth breathers went after 3rd edition 40k was released.

This is a 50 point Khador army list:

1x Kommandant Irusk $10
2x Spriggans $76
1x War Dog $10
2x 5 man Shocktroopers $168
2x 6 Pikemen unit $100
1x 4 widow maker $20
1x Yuri the axe $15

Total: $399

Once again it is comparable to the cost. Don’t let the booger-eaters use their jedi mind tricks to make you think that WarmaHordes soooo much cheaper.

Now we will compare the other armies against my 2,000 point Night Lords Army. Here is my Night Lords army breakdown and cost.

2x CSM boxes $74.50
2x SM Tactical boxes $74.50
4x Rhinos $132
2x CSM termie boxes $100
2x Vindicators $88

Total: $469.00

At the end of the day we are talking at most a difference of $70.00. With that difference you get better quality/detail plastic models compared to subpar and out of proportion sculpts that PP vomits out. I will say Battle Front comes close to the quality of GW. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and if you are happy with subpar models go with PP. If you like quality and getting the best bang for your buck, go with Games Workshop or Battle Front.