Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Objective Marker contest…

Now that we are into week 3 of the Planetary Empire Campaign I have noticed something alarming. The players, myself included lack objective markers. We end up fighting over my gun emplacement and other small terrain pieces. For some reason we think this is acceptable for proper objective markers. To remedy the situation I created an objective marker contest. The players will have 4 weeks to build and paint 5 objective markers. Here are the rules:

1. There must be 5 total

2. They must be fully painted and based

3. There is no size requirement(most seemed to be using the 40mm base)

4. Must be turned in on July 23rd

5. The Winner will be decides by the gaming group

6. Winner will receive a $33 box of their choice

My goal was to make this fun and encourage players to come up with some elaborate markers. It also helps to have a reward for the hard work as well. In the end all players will have 5 objective markers that are unique to their armies. I will post pics of all the objective markers and the winner as well.

As a side not I will be at Origins in Columbus and will not post anything till next Monday. I will post up week 2 results for the Planetary Empires campaign


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