Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OOOOOOOH it has been a long time!

It has been a long time since I posted. I have done a lot of hobby since I last posted, it was focused on other games or painting contacts for other people. Toys for Tots is the main reason I'm posting today. Once again the Freebootas have banded together to paint up a couple of armies for this great charity. I painted and donated the inquisitor for the command squad. Here are the details and were to find the auctions:

Red Army:


Blue Army:


Green Army:

Command Group:

Baneblade of LED Goodness:

Thank you for you time and good luck!

My next post will cover my hobby resolutions for the new year 2012, one is posting more blogs of course!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No hobby time

Well it has been a while since my last post and boy have I been a busy little bee. I have had almost non-stop travel the last two weeks and I have had no time to hobby. It’s not that my hobby it a wall and just can’t find time to fit it in. In the last two weeks I have been in Indianapolis and Salt Lake City; with only two days separating those trips. I of course decided to spend time with my fiancĂ© then painting my little army men.

But Kyle why were you travelling so much? The first trip was for work at GenCon in Indianapolis. Now if you have never been to Gencon it is a must check off your gamer’s bucket list. GenCon is a huge melting pot of RPGers, MMORPGers, Video Gamers, and Table top war gamers. I didn’t get to check out all the things I wanted to because of work but it is also a lot to take in.

I was in Salt Lake City for Blue Table Painting’s Valhalla. Now this was more of a vacation but this is a must for all gamers to check out. You are waited on hand and foot while you play games all weekend. I will post pics in the following days covering my experience at Valhalla. Shawn and the ladies at Blue Table Painting put out all the stops for their gamers. You stay at a resort cabin in Sundance and its unbelievable; review will follow.

So back to all the excuses of why I couldn’t hobby. This Wednesday is hobby night and I’m looking forward to finishing my Night Lords. I still have 12 Chaos Terminators and 2 Vindicators to complete. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

- Kyle

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Night Lords

Talos (Chaos Lord)

5x Chaso Space Marines
Another Night Lord Rhino

Here is a quick update as I tray to recover from GenCon. The night Lords continue to progress as I need to finish painting 12 Chaos Termies and 2 Vindis. I will try to get another post up before I take off for Utah.

- Kyle

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friends and painted models, shocking!

This is a shout out that goes to Brother Grimm. Last Friday a package from Brother Grimm arrived at Battle Foam. I rushed to open up and I found awesome Astral Claw dice and Astral Claw objective markers inside. These dice are unbelievable and it brings out the nerd inside of me that has to have the dice that matches his army. I was going to build and paint my Flesh Tearers next, but Astral Claw have been bumped to the head of the line. I wanted to take this time to say thank you, Brother Grimm!

Now here are some sneak peaks of my Night Lords army in progress. You guys have asked and I have delivered. Once I get back from GenCon I will post more pics of my Night Lords army.

Aspiring Champion with Bolt Pistol, Melta Bomb, and Power Weapon.

Night Lord troop with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword.

Night Lords Rhino

I will talk to you guys when I get back from GenCon!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Thoughts of campaigns and conquests

As our campaign draws to a close I am looking back on what liked and did not like about running it right out of Planetary Empires. It was a great way to get our gaming group going and to have some fun over the summer.

What I liked

-The campaign got us all playing and hobbying.

-Simple rules. They were simple enough which was good for our first shot at a campaign.

- The map that you get in the box is amazing. Throw a little paint on it and you would be hard pressed to find something better.

-The heroic action table. I liked how it added another level to the gaming. Would like to see it incorporated in other ways.

Things I would change:

-Have two sides. Having every person on his own did not feel quite right.

-Have the campaign split up into phases. During that phase a person could play as many or as few games as they wanted.

-Utilize the Planet Strike, Cities of Death and Battle Missions book.

-Have a theme/narrative for the campaign. This is where things get tricky. I personally would love to have our next campaign Imperium vs Orks or Imperium vs Chaos.....the only problem you run into is that doing something so specific essentially eliminates some people from playing. I would also like the campaign to feel less like one off battle and more like the ups and downs of a long military campaign.

In the end it has been a blast and has given us a reason to paint on Wednesday nights and to get our game on and hang out on Saturday's. The campaign has done wonders to invigorate many of our hobbies. It has been cause for most of us to start out own blogs and we have all had a ton of fun. If you have any ideas or resources for running campaigns please send the info our way!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Rik is aboard

After weeks we have finally bent Rik to our will. Rik has his own blog with is own unique view on the Games Workshop hobby. I have no doubt that Rik will bring hard hitting thoughts and ideas, in a a fun and enjoyable way. http://rfmadeptusastartes.blogspot.com/

Planetary Empires Week 4 Results:

Kip (Space Wolves) v Digger (Tyranids)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Kip 1 objective to Digger’s 0 (Kip didn’t captured one of Digger’s territories)

Chase (Red Corsiars) v Matt(Grey Knights)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Spearhead

Winner: Matt’s 1 objective to Chase’s 0 (Matt captured one of Chase’s territories)

Kyle (Night Lords) v. Bill(Orks)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Pitch Battle

Winner: Kyle’s 2 objective to Bill’s 1 (Kyle didn’t captured one of Bill’s territories)

Mike(Space Wolves) v Rik (Blood Angels)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Spearhead

Winner: Mike’s 2 objective to Rik’s 0 (Mike did capture one of Rik’s territories)

Mike(Space Wolves) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Spearhead

Winner: Mike’s 2 objective to Steve’s 1 (Mike didn’t capture one of Steve’s territories)

Look for more Planetary Empires next week.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Forge World rocks

As some of you may have seen from Kyle's blog post I went a bit nuts ordering some Forge World stuff this week. It was prompted by a good friend of mine shipping me out the new Salamander Dreadnought. I went crazy and ordered all of the variants of power armor except Mark 6 ......which actually comes in the tactical squad box. I also ordered another Land Raider Achilles.....to me this is the most bad ass Land Raider in the Imperium. Along with these items I ordered various upgrade kits and transfer sheets.

Now most of the items I purchased from Forge World are just accessories for Space Marines. They enable me to customize the look of my Marines even more. The one description that stuck with me was what Graham McNeil said about Space Marines after he wrote the 4th Edition codex.......that each Space Marine was like a knight, not just some sci fi dude in generic armor. I have really taken this to heart when I assemble my marines.

I know Forge World is not easily accessible and can be rather pricey, and don't take this post to mean that if you don't have Forge World stuff that you and your hobby suck. I just want to shed some light on why I love the crap out of it. If any of you have questions about the products please feel free to ask.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Forge World I love you!

Yesterday Rik and I went in on Forge World order so we could get the free express shipping. Rik as all ways went overboard with his ordering, which I think was inspired by the new Salamanders dreadnought. My purchases however were inspired Lugft Huron and his diabolical chapter the Astral Claws. I waited almost for a year till FW released the transfers and shoulder pads. I also picked up the Carcharodons transfers as well to go with my Tyberos “The Red Wake” model. This is what I purchased:

2x Packs of the MK III power armor
5x packs of the Astral Claw Shoulder pads
1x pack of the Astral Claw Terminator pads

1x Carcharodons transfer sheet

1x Astral Claw transfer sheet

Over the next month or so I will start building and painting my Astral Claw army. I will post pics on my paint scheme as well as "how to" post.

- Kyle

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes life is just a kick in the balls.

Well last week was just not my week. At the beginning of the week my girlfriend of almost two years decided to throw me out like a sack of moldy tangerines. Once again the point is proven that women will come and go but Games Workshop will always be there for you.

So Tuesday was game day. While my opponent had been game planning and readying his list I had been wallowing in my self pity and watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings on Blu Ray. I violated my cardinal rule and made no changes to my list. We headed over to Kyle's and the battle began.

From turn one it was a giant crap show. My opponent had about 8 million lascannons deployed making it impossible to have my Stormraven on the table. My opponent blasted one of my Rhinos to bits and apparently the marines inside were ok with burning to death and 5 tactical marines perished. On my half of turn 1 I accomplished very little and killed even less.

In to turn two. He once again blew up a rhino and this time the squad inside lost 6 marines. At this point my dice went flying all over the garage as I threw them in a fit on anger. With over a squad dead and all rhinos gone it was like being a one legged man in an butt kicking contest. In my portion of turn two I managed to not break any of my models which I am very proud of.

Turn 3 was memorable for his wolf scouts coming in and eating part of an assault squad. My assault squad was quite overmatched in this fight. They hit their butts kicked and really did not do much in return. In my portion of the turn I sent my other assault squad down to finish of the wolf scouts. I killed them to the man but the damage had already been done.

Turns 4 thru 6 were a blur of my marines dying, me rolling horribly, my opponent learning the lesson of allocating wounds to independent characters, also learning that Power of the Machine Spirit allows you to fire when crew stunned and lots of sweating in the 110 degree weather. At the end of the day I was single, my army had been killed to the man, and I was tired, sweaty, and cranky. Let's hope my luck turns around next week.

- Rik

Monday, July 18, 2011

I’m a lucky hobbyist

I find myself to be a very fortunate hobbyist. I have an awesome group of guys I game with on a weekly basis. Not only are they good players, they’re also good hobbyist. It sparks my competitive juices to constantly put out good armies and get better at playing 40k. Here’s a list of their blogs and you can judge for yourself.





Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moment of Clarity

Today I just realized that I have not even begun my objective markers for our contest. So of course I start freaking out because I’m going to be that guy that doesn’t have anything for his own contest. I spent the first half of the day wracking my brain and wonder what I was going to do.

I started sketching out stuff and thinking of stuff I have done in the past and nothing was clicking. Then, as if the heavens opened up I realized I had the internet. Then Kip and I laughed about what an idiot I am. So I jumped on the old interwebs and began to Google search objectives and came across some really cool stuff. I started to focus on some Chaos objectives and came up with my final idea. My objectives will be a pile of helmets that will resemble all the armies in our Planetary Empires campaign. I will create 5 piles that will be used for my objectives.

Keep your eyes peeled for future pics; no back to painting and modeling!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

War Games Con

I just got back from a weekend in Austin where War Games Con was held. Over all I would give it an eight out of ten. There were some high lights and some low lights. There were a couple of things that jumped out at me and made me feel a little sad for the Games Workshop tournament scene here in the US. Now I don’t go to a lot of Indie GTs but here are so things that stood out to me.

1. Terrain: It was great to see a tourney that had terrain pieces that blocked LoS. Normally when I see pictures of a GT there are 5-7 small pieces that were built for 3 and 4 edition 40k. The problem the terrain was painted to below standard in my opinion.

2. Custom models: The more and more I see it the less and less I like them. One Ork player had 3 battle wagons that would have put a bane blade to shame. If there is a model then use it and use those monstrosities in Apocalypse. I would have been pissed if I had to play those tanks.

3. Games: They did a great job of get matches posted and for the most part they were flawless on their timing. They did have a couple of hiccups on the first day; a couple of players had to been given a warning for “slow playing”.

4. The Players: Every player I met was a good person. They were either super pumped about the hobby or cracking jokes. They’re good group of gamers.

5. Painted armies, almost: There were 20 -30 above average painted armies. With over 200 gamers that is disappointing. Some armies were not fully painted or built. Please bring the hobby back to GTs, please!

6. Mirror match: This was by far the coolest event all weekend in my option. The players played a 3 round tourney. All the lists were identical to each other. The tournament organizers posted the list on the website and that is what each of the players had to use. Great idea and it was fun to watch!

Next year I think I’m going to play in the mirror match. Over all I would suggest that you take a look War Games Con and maybe I will see you there next year!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 3 Results of our Planetary Empires

Week Three results:

Mike (Space Wolves) v Bill (Orks)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Bill 9 kill points to Mike’s 5 (Bill captured one of Mike’s territories)

Mike wrote about the game here: http://myspacewolves.blogspot.com/2011/07/wolves-went-down.html

Chase (Red Corsiars) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Winner: Steve’s 1 objective to Chase’s 0 (Steve did not capture a territory)

Steve was able to scratch and claw to his first victory. It was by no means easy; Chase took the Space Wolves to the limit. Now if the game had ended on the first die roll for random game length Chase would have won in dominating fashion. That was not the case; Chase has this streak of bad luck going. Whenever he need the game to end it goes on for another turn or two. This was very even and tightly contested game. Kharn collected many skulls for Chase and the Blood God. Steve failed to gain a tile.

Digger(Tyranid) v. Matt(Grey Knight)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Draw

For the first half of this game Matt was getting beat like he stole something from Digger. Matt lost his Storm Raven on one of the first shots of the game. Matt had a turn 4 that was one of the best I have ever seen. The Grey Knights killed a Trygon, Swarm Lord, Doom, and 2x Carnies. Digger just stood there with his mouth a gaped.

Matt (Grey Knights) v Rik (Blood Angels)

Mission: Forfeit

Deployment: N/A

Winner: Matt (Matt captured one of Rik’s territories)

Kip (Space Wolves) v. Kyle (Night Lords)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Winner: Kyle’s 12 Kill points to Kip’s 6 kill points (Kyle captured one of Kip’s territories)

This was an action packed game. It was neck and neck till my Night Lords were able to take control of the game in turn 5. They game did not start well for me. Kips’ Rune Priest was bring down lighting like it was going out of style! He hit with 17 of his first 17 living lighting attacks in the first 3 rounds. His Rune Priest accounted for 3 of his kill points. In the end the Night Lords were too much for the Space Wolves. Kips’ Rune Priest was the first model to roll on the Heroic Action Table and now has a re-roll for one shot per game.


Kyle (Night Lords) v Bill (Orks)

Digger (Tyranids) v Kip (Space Wolves)

Matt (Grey Knights) v Chase(Red Corsairs)

Mike (Space Wolves) v Rik (Blood Angels)

Mike (Space Wolves) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Another week went by with some great games and some very close games as well. I was able to bring my record to 4-0. This week I will have to take on the green hordes of the Orks!

I will be at WargamesCon over the weekend I will not post till the 10th.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What does complaining really accomplish?

This is a question I find myself trying to answer in the last couple of years when it is related to Games Workshop. Of course people cry about price raises, finecast or any other ills in the hobby GW gets blamed for. In this post I’m going to tackle a couple of myths and give hope to the standard bearers of the GW hobby.

GW cost too much?! Does it really? I find if you do all aspect of the hobby you get more than enough value out of GW minis. A Tactical Squad comes in at $38 bucks and I could complain that it is $3.80 a mini. I look at the fact that it is going to take me 20 min to 30 min to build and clean one SM, then another hour or two to paint it. Then I game with it another 4 hours a week. So for $38 dollars in one year I get 106 hours of enjoyment out of it. How the hell is that too expensive? I’m I missing something? Ever think about getting a job that pays you a salary that will allow you to buy minis? The hobby is a luxury not a right!

There is a double standard or high standard that GW is held to, while other companies can do no wrong. Privateer Press has come out with another press release (http://privateerpress.com/an-important-announcement-concerning-new-steps-toward-product-fulfillment) saying that they are going to delay releases again. This is due to the “high” demand for their product. This is the third time in the last two years PP has done this. To me this smells of poor planning and not enough liquid capital to increase production but they’re given a pass because they are viewed as the golden child. If GW was to do this, the sky would be falling and rumors of Hasbro buying GW would surface, again. This is a perfect example of the double standard GW faces.

The internet trolls are in “rage” mode. These groups of basement dwellers have taken over the internet and spreading the lies that GW is evil. They high jack threads and try to bury anything good GW does with lies and baseless facts. These booger eaters would have you believe that they all have business degrees or a law degree. When in fact they’re the troll that sits in the corner of the store and leers at your gaming group and wishes he could be a member. He sits there avoiding eye contact and fights back the feelings that this is like high school all over again. His silent stares are interrupted by a phone call from his mom who wants to make sure he will be ready at 5 pm when she comes to pick him up. The other type of internet troll on the internet is just being that guy for the sake of being that guy.

I say stick with GW because they have been there with you over the years. I have tons of fond memories and a great group of friends that I have made over my 20+ years of playing GW games. Trolls may call me a fanboy but I’m the true definition of a GW hobbyist.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Brush and Bolter

On Fridays (if I’m in town), I will start a new series of blogs based on blogs. This will cover the blogs that inspire me or what I would call hobby standard bearer blogs. Hopefully this will give you the reader another insight in to my hobby. Whenever I hit the hobby wall I go to these blogs and they get those creative juices following.

The first blog I will cover is; http://thebrushandbolter.blogspot.com/. This blog is fairly new and run by Ultraraider. Ultraraider is also put of a great hobby community that be found here: http://www.thefreebootaz.com/forum/forum.php The blog covers Ultraraider painting his outstanding Blood Angels. Though I feel I could never paint to his level, it gives me inspiration to do so. So please check out his site and become a follower or leave comments. I’m sure Ultraraider will respond to any and all questions.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marshaling your forces

One aspect of 40K that I have never bought into was one list to rule them all. I am not saying that people who build one list for an army are wrong but that is not for me. I think this has to do with the fact that I view 40K as almost a narrative of ongoing battles. What works against one army doesn't work well against another. I have been accused of list tailoring and such but I say those gamers are just hating on me for having so much stuff!

The way I look at it when a Space Marine strike force is sent out it does not just draw the most "well rounded" equipment on average. They bring the whole damn kitchen sink. The commander looks at the intel and sees what he is up against and everyone draws their weapons accordingly. After the battle they are able to refit as necessary.

This is where playing in a campaign is right up my alley. After each battle is sit back and assess what did well and what did poorly. I also look at my next opponent and modify my list accordingly. Playing Orks? You better believe you are going see heavy bolters and flamers. Got some Death Guard marines coming my way? Break out the plasma cannons and plasma guns. Each situation requires different weapons and tactics.

This flexibility also lets you use units you never thought you would use. And units that "experts" say are terrible might surprise you and your opponent and help you pull out the win. This is where it helps to be a collector!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friends, what would we be without them?!

I wanted this to be my first post once I got back from Origins but I had to post up week 2’s results for our Planetary Empires. While I was gone Matt and Bill built another table for the garage, as a surprise! Matt and Bill coordinated the build with my fiancĂ©e (in secret). I got home and went into the garage to grab some models to work on; I came face to face with the beauty. I now have 2 4’ x 8’ gaming tables for the garage. It was if Santa had come and dropped off a present!

Immediately I texted Matt and Bill to thank them for building the gaming table for me. With our gaming group of nine it was getting tough to play enough games on Saturday. We had one 4’ x 8’ and one 4’ x 6’ that was on top of a card tables. We tried to play as many games as possible but it was getting tough to get in those 2k point games done in a timely manner. With the new table we can have 3 games going at once!

Matt and Bill did this to thank me for giving them a place to play with great terrain and a great gaming environment. The other guys in the group have donated terrain and models for the gaming room. I felt very lucky to have the friends that I have. Digger, Steve, Mike, Chase, Rik, Kip, Matt and Bill are not only great friends but they’re great guys to play games with. This tight group of friends inspires me to put on a great campaign and take our hobbies to the next level.

On Thursday Matt, Bill and I will stain it to match the other table. We will also paint the table top black and sand it. This topper will be painted for city fight games. I have a ton of terrain to get painted now!

I’m very lucky and blessed!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 2 Results of our Planetary Empires

Week Two results:

Mike (Space Wolves) v Digger (Tyranids)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Mike 6 Kill Points to Digger’s 5 (Mike captured one of Digger’s territories)

Mike was able to pullout the victory against the dreaded Tyranids. Mike avoided combat most of the game and was able to charge to his advantage. Many Space Wolves lost their lives that day but Mike was able to win.

Matt (Grey Knights) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Spearhead

Winner: Matt 1 objective to Steve’s 0 (Matt captured one of Steve’s territories)

Matt was able to win the day with his fire power. The Space Wolves fought valiantly but they succumbed to the weight of the Grey Knight’s firepower. Matt contested Steve’s objective and controlled his. This was Steve’s second game of 40k and he came close to winning. I look forward in the coming weeks to see if Steve can secure his first win.

Chase (Red Corsairs) v. Kip (Space Wolves)

Mission: Black Crusade (CSM mission from the Battle Missions book).

Deployment: Pitch battle

Winner: Draw Kip 14 Kill Points to Chase’s 14 Kill Points

This game can be summed up by one word, “CARNAGE”! This was a back and forth affair with both players killing large amount of troops. In this mission any non-vehicle or non-independent can come back in that player’s deployment zone. This was a bloody battle of the highest order. Kip and Chase highly recommend the mission!

Kyle (Night Lords) v Rik (Blood Angels)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Winner: Kyle 1 objectives to Rik’s 0 objectives (Kyle captured one of Rik’s territories)

This game was close and thank god for the gaming ending when it did. For the first half of the game I was able to control the Blood Angels. A well place vindicator shot almost had Rik’s assault squad flee off the table with the first shot of the game. The second half of the game was controlled by Dante and his angels of death. The Blood Angels were downright nasty on the charge with the Sanguinary Priest. Rik was in position to at least contest if not win the game out right but the game ended due to random game length.

Bill (Orks) v. Digger (Tyranids)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Spearhead

Winner: Bill 6 Kill points to Digger’s 3 kill points

This was a rematch of week one and Bill was able to get some revenge. Bill hand the game in hand for the start. With great rolling for his lootas he was able to kill 2 Carnifexs in turn one. The score could have been a lot worse but you have to kill a lot of models to earn a single Kill Point. Bill was unable to capture one of Digger’s territories.


Kyle (Night Lords) v Kip (Space Wolves)

Chase (Red Corsairs) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Matt (Grey Knights) v Rik(Blood Angels)

Digger (Tyranids) v Matt (Grey Knights)

Mike (Space Wolves) v Bill (Orks) REMATCH

Another week went by with some great games and some very close games as well. I was able to bring my record to 3-0 but I needed the game to end early for me. Now I have the dreaded Space Wolves staring me down!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Objective Marker contest…

Now that we are into week 3 of the Planetary Empire Campaign I have noticed something alarming. The players, myself included lack objective markers. We end up fighting over my gun emplacement and other small terrain pieces. For some reason we think this is acceptable for proper objective markers. To remedy the situation I created an objective marker contest. The players will have 4 weeks to build and paint 5 objective markers. Here are the rules:

1. There must be 5 total

2. They must be fully painted and based

3. There is no size requirement(most seemed to be using the 40mm base)

4. Must be turned in on July 23rd

5. The Winner will be decides by the gaming group

6. Winner will receive a $33 box of their choice

My goal was to make this fun and encourage players to come up with some elaborate markers. It also helps to have a reward for the hard work as well. In the end all players will have 5 objective markers that are unique to their armies. I will post pics of all the objective markers and the winner as well.

As a side not I will be at Origins in Columbus and will not post anything till next Monday. I will post up week 2 results for the Planetary Empires campaign


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Heroic Action Table creator stops by..

So the Heroic Chart has been been posted for you all to see. I think it is a great addition to any campaign. The tricky thing is figuring out what is heroic and what isn't. That all comes down to interpretation between the two players involved. You don't just give a character something for shits and giggles, it should be heroic! Something like one character passing a number of invulnerables in one turn to hold up a squad. Or a Chaplain led group wiping out three other squads by themselves. Things that normally don't happen or you are like "Wow that is truely amazing", but in a good way.

In the games I have played in my 40K lifetime, I can remember amazing things that have happened. I had a Jump Pack Chaplain (still my favorite model to this day) hold off and kill three Thunderhammer Terminators in three Assaults. In one turn he passed four Invuls to say alive. In another game I had a single Lascannon tactical marine hold off five Sternguard for two full turns. It is stuff like that that should be remembered and considered heroic and the reason I thought about doing this table.

Also I really like the aspect of army leveling or having a reason to play other than winning and losing. We all would like to win everytime we hit the table and the fun sometimes gets lost in it. This allows us something else to play for. It gives you or your play group a history to your army. You can use this kind of thing everytime you play against a friend who also has taken part in it. It gives you stories of lore that you keep that you normally would forget. You can remember past battles and heroic deeds done by characters you have made. That is something I really enjoy.

Hopefully you guys can try it out and enjoy it. Keep track of your heroic deeds and write about them for us all to see. Remember your heroes, for no one else will.

For the Allfather. For Russ. For Fenris.

For more info about Mike head over to: http://myspacewolves.blogspot.com/

- Mike

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heroic action? It had better be!

So when we decided to so this campaign I was all for it. I was also all for keeping it nice and simple. From my time in the hobby and working at GW I have seen far too many campaigns become overly complicated. And almost 100% of the time it has lead to the downfall of the campaign (I am looking at you 40K campaign involving Battle Fleet Gothic). I have found that when running campaigns KISS.....keep it simple stupid.

Needless to say when my buddy Mike brought up his desire to give models a bonus for heroic actions I was a bit reluctant. I was really worried about it affecting how the games are played. Mike and I had multiple discussions and debates on what would work.

My first concern was over the fact of what would be a heroic action. A sergeant with a power fist killing four marines? Not very heroic in my mind. A chaplain ripping apart a squad of Khorn Berzerkers? Now that is heroic! I really like the idea of both combatants agreeing upon what is heroic.

My second concern was over the table being too powerful. You have to be very careful when using abilities from the universal special rules section. A perfect example is that someone wanted one of the abilities to give "relentless" to a squad. My counter point was asking him if he would be ok with A Blood Angel devastator squad in a rhino having relentless. Needless to say his answer was no. So we sat down and continued to bounce ideas back and forth.

My last concern was making unnamed characters or sergeants more powerful than the special characters in the game. I envision the special characters of 40k to be the bravest, best and most bad ass in all the galaxy. And in my opinion having a sergeant keep getting his stats bumped and eventually being able to take on a Captain Sicarius or a Ragnar Blackmane was not the way to go. We brainstormed and decided that you could not stack abilities.

In the end I am very happy with the way that the Heroic Action Table turned out. Mike did a great job and put a lot of hard work into finding a good balance. I think his background of playing lots of RPGs really helped. I am really excited to see how this works out in our games. I hope that some of my Blood Angels are found worthy and can etch their names in the history (our at least our groups history) of 40K.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heroic Action Table

One model per game per side can receive one upgrade from the following chart. The models or model will be agreed upon by the two players. This is to reward a model who held out against all odds while cutting a bloody swath through his enemies or a vehicle that leaves only carnage in his wake. Not every game will produce a model or models to make a HAT roll.

The following chart was a collaboration of the group and spearheaded by Mike. He took all ideas and put them to paper. He also has a blog: http://myspacewolves.blogspot.com/


- These special rules cannot be given to a named character.

- Must be agreed upon by the two opponents.

- Player is responsible for remembering bonus and must have it written down.

- Must be rolled following game.

- All rolls are final.

Shooting HAT:

The shooting bonuses are given to a model for outstanding accuracy on the battlefield. Each character may not stack any of the abilities on Chart 1. If you roll the same ability on the Chart 1 that your character already has, re-roll. Once the character has all the abilities from Chart 1 they can choose any ability on Chart 2.

Chart One:

Dice Roll Ability

1 – 2 +1 to BS

3 – 4 +1 to number of shots (ie Assault 2 becomes Assault 3)

5 – 6 One re-rolled miss per game

Chart Two:


Relentless (Model only)

Tank Hunter (Model only)

Night Visions (Character and Squad

Survival HAT:

Acknowledge by my scars and not my medals. Each character may not stack any of the abilities on Chart 1. If you roll the same ability on the Chart 1 that your character already has, re-roll. Once the character has all the abilities from Chart 1 they can choose any ability on Chart 2.

Chart One:

Dice Roll Ability

1 – 2 +1 to T

3 – 4 +1 to W

5 – 6 One re-rolled armor save per game

Chart Two:


Feel no Pain (Model only)

Counter Attack (Model only)

Stubborn (Character and Squad)

Close Combat HAT:

Killing on the battlefield brings renown across the stars. Each character may not stack any of the abilities on Chart 1. If you roll the same ability on the Chart 1 that your character already has, re-roll. Once the character has all the abilities from Chart 1 they can choose any ability on Chart 2.

Chart One:

Dice Roll Ability

1 – 2 +1 to WS

3 – 4 +1 to S

5 – 6 +1 to A

Chart Two:


Furious Charge (Model only)

Preferred Enemy (Model only)

Stubborn (Character and Squad)

Vehicles HAT:

Vehicles are a major part on any army. To show their prowess and renown, they may select any piece of wargear or power of the machine sprit off their list in their codex for no additional cost. No vehicle may have more than three upgrades.

These abilities are not supposed to be game breaking but to add flavor to your games. These are supposed to be fun and that is why we decided to use the Universal Special Rules from the 40k rule book. It is a blast for you and your gaming group to track the deeds of your warriors. This is meant to add another layer to your games and campaigns.