Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Heroic Action Table creator stops by..

So the Heroic Chart has been been posted for you all to see. I think it is a great addition to any campaign. The tricky thing is figuring out what is heroic and what isn't. That all comes down to interpretation between the two players involved. You don't just give a character something for shits and giggles, it should be heroic! Something like one character passing a number of invulnerables in one turn to hold up a squad. Or a Chaplain led group wiping out three other squads by themselves. Things that normally don't happen or you are like "Wow that is truely amazing", but in a good way.

In the games I have played in my 40K lifetime, I can remember amazing things that have happened. I had a Jump Pack Chaplain (still my favorite model to this day) hold off and kill three Thunderhammer Terminators in three Assaults. In one turn he passed four Invuls to say alive. In another game I had a single Lascannon tactical marine hold off five Sternguard for two full turns. It is stuff like that that should be remembered and considered heroic and the reason I thought about doing this table.

Also I really like the aspect of army leveling or having a reason to play other than winning and losing. We all would like to win everytime we hit the table and the fun sometimes gets lost in it. This allows us something else to play for. It gives you or your play group a history to your army. You can use this kind of thing everytime you play against a friend who also has taken part in it. It gives you stories of lore that you keep that you normally would forget. You can remember past battles and heroic deeds done by characters you have made. That is something I really enjoy.

Hopefully you guys can try it out and enjoy it. Keep track of your heroic deeds and write about them for us all to see. Remember your heroes, for no one else will.

For the Allfather. For Russ. For Fenris.

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