Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rik's Blood Angel Army list

In preparation for the upcoming campaign I am presenting all of you tactical masterminds out there with my 2,000 point Blood Angel Army. Upon completion this army will be the size of a battle company plus attachments. So for the core of the army I have two main elements of the battle company: tactical squads and assault squads. First and foremost let me say how rare it is for me to use an assault squad, let alone the two I have in this army. To counter balance this I have included two tactical squads (Jack of all trades master of none). I have also included the man, the myth, the legend........Dante. All in all I think this list is pretty balanced and a lot faster than what I usually roll with. Take a look and feel free to offer feedback (I prefer positive but if you feel it necessary to call me a moron that is cool too).


Commander Dante

No longer the "Uber" character he was once considered he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. I also just purchased the Finecast version of him and it looks great. I love the vision of this old Chapter Master taking the field of battle and lopping the heads off of his enemies. I also love the ability to deep strike and not scatter. I can’t wait to utilize his ability to make my opponent's HQ choice a little bit worse.


5x Sanguinary Guard

Armed with 5x Glaives, 1x Infernus Pistol and the Chapter Banner

This unit will be attached to Dante and will hopefully bring the pain to my opponents. This unit with Dante will be a big ball of master crafted power weapons ready to shred my opponents face. Tagging along with these bad boys and Dante will be a Sanguinary Priest giving them furious charge and feel no pain. I am confident this unit can handle almost anything I will be seeing from my opponents. I will be avoiding melta and plasma weapons at all cost with this unit.


2x Sanguinary Priest

Equipped with power weapons and jump packs.

One of these bad boys goes with Dante and the sanguinary guard and the other rolls with an assault squad. I really hope he will be close enough to give the other assault squad the benefit of his furious charge and feel no pain as well.


Furioso Dreadnought

The dread is armed with 2x Blood Talons, with under-slung melta gun and heavy flamer in a drop pod. This guy will eat infantry alive. Trust me, it has happened to me. This little ball of anger is intended to tenderize my opponent’s infantry (heavy or light) and generally run amok in his lines. The front armor 13 gives him the survivability I love.


10 Man Assault Squad

SGT armed with power fist and infernus pistol, 2x melta guns are also in the squad

I am looking for these guys to fly all over the battlefield and zap tanks and engage the enemy in hand to hand combat. With the addition of furious charge I expect them to do some damage. The sergeant has a power fist to deal with any big threats. As far as the infernus pistol..........I had an extra 15 points to spend, so why the hell not!

10 Man Assault Squad

SGT armed with power weapon, bolt pistol and melta bombs, 2x melta guns are also in the Squad. They will function pretty much the same as the other assault squad, I kept them a little bit cheaper and chose the power sword for a little diversity.

10 Man Tactical Squad

SGT armed with power weapon, bolt pistol and melta bombs. Squad has a missile launcher, plasma gun and a rhino. My intention with my tactical squads is to get in the right position via their rhinos and shoot the hell out of stuff and claim objectives. Armed with a missle launcher and plasma gun this squad can do a little bit of everything. With the fast rhino I can also get them to parts of the fight their firepower is needed in a hurry.

10 Man Tactical Squad

SGT armed with Power fist and bolt gun. Squad has a multi melta, melta gun and a rhino. This squad will function the exact same as the other tactical squad but it has a little more anti-tank firepower in it.......'nuff said


Stormraven Gunship

Armed with twin linked multi melta, twin linked lascannons and 4x blood strike missiles. The stormraven is pure anti-tank fire power! This bad boy is gonna blast away at my opponents vehicles and make him cry. Well at least that is my intention. In a pinch I can also use him to transport units around the battlefield.

Well there is the down and dirty on my 2,000 point Blood Angel Army. The army has a whole lot of bad assery and 5 scoring units. Hopefully this army can do what I envision it doing...........if not then I will be crying tears of blood for all of my dead red marines.

- Rik

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