Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friends, what would we be without them?!

I wanted this to be my first post once I got back from Origins but I had to post up week 2’s results for our Planetary Empires. While I was gone Matt and Bill built another table for the garage, as a surprise! Matt and Bill coordinated the build with my fiancée (in secret). I got home and went into the garage to grab some models to work on; I came face to face with the beauty. I now have 2 4’ x 8’ gaming tables for the garage. It was if Santa had come and dropped off a present!

Immediately I texted Matt and Bill to thank them for building the gaming table for me. With our gaming group of nine it was getting tough to play enough games on Saturday. We had one 4’ x 8’ and one 4’ x 6’ that was on top of a card tables. We tried to play as many games as possible but it was getting tough to get in those 2k point games done in a timely manner. With the new table we can have 3 games going at once!

Matt and Bill did this to thank me for giving them a place to play with great terrain and a great gaming environment. The other guys in the group have donated terrain and models for the gaming room. I felt very lucky to have the friends that I have. Digger, Steve, Mike, Chase, Rik, Kip, Matt and Bill are not only great friends but they’re great guys to play games with. This tight group of friends inspires me to put on a great campaign and take our hobbies to the next level.

On Thursday Matt, Bill and I will stain it to match the other table. We will also paint the table top black and sand it. This topper will be painted for city fight games. I have a ton of terrain to get painted now!

I’m very lucky and blessed!


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