Monday, June 6, 2011

GW customer service.....second to none.

Recently I purchased a Finecast version of Marneus Calgar and his Honor Guard. Upon opening the box and looking at contents I noticed that the parts on the banner bearer were deformed and missing. The next day I emailed Games Workshop about my problem and they asked me to give them a call.

I gave their customer service line a call and talked to their representative. I described my problem to him and he asked me to provide one of the number on my box. He then informed me that he would be sending me a replacement box. Having worked for GW I know this is standard operating procedure, but it still is nice to be taken care of. Not only did he help with my problem he also talked some hobby with me. He also informed me in the future that they might be asking people to send in their miscast items. I personally think this is a great idea. It pisses me off when people take advantage of Games Workshop's customer service policy.

So all in all another great experience from Games Workshop. They are far and away the leader in customer service in the miniatures industry.

- Rik

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