Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Planetary Empire Campaign

On June 4th our gaming group started a Planetary Empire Campaign. We decided to run the campaign right of the book except we added a Heroic Action Table. The HAT will allow us to reward unnamed characters or vehicle special rules for extraordinary acts of heroism. For example a Space Marine Sgt puts the final wound on a Tyrgon or special character. This adds another layer to our games and gives us a vested interest in our armies.

Our campaign has 9 players in it. Here is a list and break down of the armies:

Steve Space Wolves

Digger Tyranids

Kip Space Wolves – Erik Morkai

Kyle Night Lords – Talos’s Claw

Bill Orks

Matt Grey Knights

Rik Blood Angels

Chase Red Corsairs

Mike Space Wolves – Bran Redmaw

There are a lot of power armored armies, whether they are Chaos Space Marines or Space Marine. On Saturday we placed flags (for our territories) and randomly placed the power stations, shield generators, manufactorums, and command bastions. I painted the map, flags, and objectives the week previous so it was ready to go for the campaign (pics to come).

With an odd number that means one player will play 2 games in a week, the first just happened to be me. We try to play as many games as we can Saturday night but any of the games can be played before we meet again on Saturday. The first week matches are as follows:

Steve v. Kyle

Matt v. Kyle

Kip v. Rik

Chase v. Mike

Digger v. Bill

I will post the 1st week results, what missions were played and if any Heroic Actions were made. We will also do some friendly contest during this campaign and we will also post any results with pics.


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