Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 1 Results of our Planetary Empires

All games and match ups went on without a hitch in week one. My game with Matt was delayed to Saturday and we also had a florescent light break over the game table before our game. It seemed the cards were stacked against us but we were able to throw some dice after we cleaned it up. Here are the results after a week filled with blood and mayhem, on the table of course.

Mike (Space Wolves) v Chase (Red Corsairs chaos Space Marines)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Mike 2 objectives to Chase’s 1 objective

Mike was able to hold out against the CSM onslaught. Ragnar Blackmane cut his way through swathes of Chaos Space Marines. Chase had an outflanking Chosen squad that shot 5 meltas at a Dread and left it immobile, no weapons, and rendered it useless. Overall very close game that went back and forth. Mike was unable to capture a tile piece from Chase.

Rik (Blood Angels) v Kip (Space Wolves)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Spear Head

Winner: Draw

Though heavy losses were inflicted on the Blood angels, they were able to fight the Space wolves to a draw. There were a couple of missteps in this game due to Rik’s first time playing Blood angels and Kip’s second game with Space Wolves. This game could have gone either way. I believe Rik and Kip will use this game to help their learning curve with their armies. No rolls were made do to the draw.

Bill (Orks) v. Digger (Tyranids)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Pitch battle

Winner: Digger (Bill surrendered after 3 turns)

Digger was able to give the Doom of Malanti Eternal Warrior from the 40k special rules. He was able to do this because he had more Command Bunkers than Bill and was able to roll a 4+. These rules can be found in the Planetary Empires rule book. Needless to say the Doom consumed the souls of a lot of Orks and Bill surrender to Digger. Digger was unable to capture a tile from Bill.

Kyle (Night Lords) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Kyle 2 objectives to Steve’s 0 objectives

This game was closer than the final tally would suggest. I’m not one to blame my dice or allow my opponent to blame their dice, but damn! Steve had some of the worst rolling I have ever witnessed in my 20+ years of hobby. The classic line of the night was, “Kyle how many more 1’s am I going roll?” He then proceeds to roll five 1’s in a row. Despite the bad rolling Steve and I both had a one objective going into the bottom have of my turn and I was able to capture one more objective, while I contested Steve’s one objective. Overall it was a tough game for Steve but I expect his Wolves to come back bigger and stronger. Talos was able to put the last 2 wounds on Logan and survive with not even a scratch. I was able to capture one of Steve’s tiles.

Kyle (Night Lords) v. Matt (Grey Knights)

Mission: Surprise Attack (Space Marine mission out of the Battle Mission book)

Deployment: Augmented Seployment, see book.

Winner: Kyle 14 kill points to Matt’s 4 kill points

Matt and I decided to play a Battle Mission for our game. This mission was a more of Annihilation with HQ= 3 Kill Points, Troops/Dedicated Transports = 1 Kill Point, and everything else is worth 2 Kill Points. I was worried at the beginning of the game because I had to spend the top of the turn getting shot at or charged. I was able to weather the storm and come out on top. I was unable to capture one of Matt’s tiles.


Kyle (Night Lords) v Rik(Blood Angels)

Chase (Red Corsairs) v Kip (Space Wolves)

Matt (Grey Knights) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Digger (Tyranids) v Mike (Space Wolves)

Digger (Tyranids) v Bill (Orks) REMATCH

Overall I think the 1st week went well. No one had a guy worthy to roll on the Heroic Action Table. Over the next couple of days I will post up the HAT so you guys can use it for your campaigns. I did go 2-0 but the Blood Angels speed has me nervous. As always keep your eyes peeled for updates and happy gaming!


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