Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 3 Results of our Planetary Empires

Week Three results:

Mike (Space Wolves) v Bill (Orks)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Bill 9 kill points to Mike’s 5 (Bill captured one of Mike’s territories)

Mike wrote about the game here:

Chase (Red Corsiars) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Winner: Steve’s 1 objective to Chase’s 0 (Steve did not capture a territory)

Steve was able to scratch and claw to his first victory. It was by no means easy; Chase took the Space Wolves to the limit. Now if the game had ended on the first die roll for random game length Chase would have won in dominating fashion. That was not the case; Chase has this streak of bad luck going. Whenever he need the game to end it goes on for another turn or two. This was very even and tightly contested game. Kharn collected many skulls for Chase and the Blood God. Steve failed to gain a tile.

Digger(Tyranid) v. Matt(Grey Knight)

Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Dawn of War

Winner: Draw

For the first half of this game Matt was getting beat like he stole something from Digger. Matt lost his Storm Raven on one of the first shots of the game. Matt had a turn 4 that was one of the best I have ever seen. The Grey Knights killed a Trygon, Swarm Lord, Doom, and 2x Carnies. Digger just stood there with his mouth a gaped.

Matt (Grey Knights) v Rik (Blood Angels)

Mission: Forfeit

Deployment: N/A

Winner: Matt (Matt captured one of Rik’s territories)

Kip (Space Wolves) v. Kyle (Night Lords)

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Winner: Kyle’s 12 Kill points to Kip’s 6 kill points (Kyle captured one of Kip’s territories)

This was an action packed game. It was neck and neck till my Night Lords were able to take control of the game in turn 5. They game did not start well for me. Kips’ Rune Priest was bring down lighting like it was going out of style! He hit with 17 of his first 17 living lighting attacks in the first 3 rounds. His Rune Priest accounted for 3 of his kill points. In the end the Night Lords were too much for the Space Wolves. Kips’ Rune Priest was the first model to roll on the Heroic Action Table and now has a re-roll for one shot per game.


Kyle (Night Lords) v Bill (Orks)

Digger (Tyranids) v Kip (Space Wolves)

Matt (Grey Knights) v Chase(Red Corsairs)

Mike (Space Wolves) v Rik (Blood Angels)

Mike (Space Wolves) v Steve (Space Wolves)

Another week went by with some great games and some very close games as well. I was able to bring my record to 4-0. This week I will have to take on the green hordes of the Orks!

I will be at WargamesCon over the weekend I will not post till the 10th.


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