Monday, July 25, 2011

Forge World I love you!

Yesterday Rik and I went in on Forge World order so we could get the free express shipping. Rik as all ways went overboard with his ordering, which I think was inspired by the new Salamanders dreadnought. My purchases however were inspired Lugft Huron and his diabolical chapter the Astral Claws. I waited almost for a year till FW released the transfers and shoulder pads. I also picked up the Carcharodons transfers as well to go with my Tyberos “The Red Wake” model. This is what I purchased:

2x Packs of the MK III power armor
5x packs of the Astral Claw Shoulder pads
1x pack of the Astral Claw Terminator pads

1x Carcharodons transfer sheet

1x Astral Claw transfer sheet

Over the next month or so I will start building and painting my Astral Claw army. I will post pics on my paint scheme as well as "how to" post.

- Kyle


  1. That's great Kyle. I've been planning an order with with some friends myself. I'll be getting some Mark III armor and that new contemptor dreadnought. I've got some ideas about doing some pre-heresy/heresy Thousand Sons after listening to the audio books of Prospero Burns and A Thousand Sons.

  2. Forge World loves you too......I know it loves me a lot more than Chrissy did.

  3. I got my carcharodon's transfer sheet about 2 weeks ago...
    it's very good...

    1. Hello mate,

      If you have any of your Carcharodons sheet left for sale I'd be very interested and willing to pay an excellent price for it.



  4. Hello Kyle,

    I know this is a long shot, but if you have any of your Carcharodons transfer sheet left I'd be willing to pay a very good price for it.

    Best wishes,