Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes life is just a kick in the balls.

Well last week was just not my week. At the beginning of the week my girlfriend of almost two years decided to throw me out like a sack of moldy tangerines. Once again the point is proven that women will come and go but Games Workshop will always be there for you.

So Tuesday was game day. While my opponent had been game planning and readying his list I had been wallowing in my self pity and watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings on Blu Ray. I violated my cardinal rule and made no changes to my list. We headed over to Kyle's and the battle began.

From turn one it was a giant crap show. My opponent had about 8 million lascannons deployed making it impossible to have my Stormraven on the table. My opponent blasted one of my Rhinos to bits and apparently the marines inside were ok with burning to death and 5 tactical marines perished. On my half of turn 1 I accomplished very little and killed even less.

In to turn two. He once again blew up a rhino and this time the squad inside lost 6 marines. At this point my dice went flying all over the garage as I threw them in a fit on anger. With over a squad dead and all rhinos gone it was like being a one legged man in an butt kicking contest. In my portion of turn two I managed to not break any of my models which I am very proud of.

Turn 3 was memorable for his wolf scouts coming in and eating part of an assault squad. My assault squad was quite overmatched in this fight. They hit their butts kicked and really did not do much in return. In my portion of the turn I sent my other assault squad down to finish of the wolf scouts. I killed them to the man but the damage had already been done.

Turns 4 thru 6 were a blur of my marines dying, me rolling horribly, my opponent learning the lesson of allocating wounds to independent characters, also learning that Power of the Machine Spirit allows you to fire when crew stunned and lots of sweating in the 110 degree weather. At the end of the day I was single, my army had been killed to the man, and I was tired, sweaty, and cranky. Let's hope my luck turns around next week.

- Rik


  1. Hey man sorry to hear about your girl, that sux. But hey on the bright side you didnt marry her. On a lighter note dont worry about your army getting slammed. Its how we learn the painful truth of refinement. Without losing we wouldnt be able to win :). Ive had my ravens blown up a thousands times before I learned how to use em properly. Now they are a terror. Also I would start utilizing your force multipliers more in your assault squads. Everyone first turns to Priests but ive found Chaplains are the true way to beef em up. I like to run 2 chappys, reclusiarch and 2 priests. This basically turns your assault swuads into death company that score. I hope this helps.

  2. Sorry to hear that Rik, it's a tough thing when something bad thing in life puts you in a place where you let other things fall apart. Best thing I can say is to don't get to feeling too down on yourself.

  3. Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that mate. Stay focused though, life tends to throw curve balls at you that you don't expect and look scary as hell at the time, but then you look back in hindsight and some of those curve-balls are the best things that happen to you (for one reason or another).

    Stay true to you, and take care dude.

  4. Sorry to hear about the GF...
    At least you have good friends ( all bite ones that play Cheese) that will stick around when the times are tough.

  5. Play cheese? Wtf!?! I play fluff! His gay blood drinkers deserved to die! hehehe :D

  6. Yeah I got some good friends......oh well shit happens. Just gotta drive on.