Tuesday, July 12, 2011

War Games Con

I just got back from a weekend in Austin where War Games Con was held. Over all I would give it an eight out of ten. There were some high lights and some low lights. There were a couple of things that jumped out at me and made me feel a little sad for the Games Workshop tournament scene here in the US. Now I don’t go to a lot of Indie GTs but here are so things that stood out to me.

1. Terrain: It was great to see a tourney that had terrain pieces that blocked LoS. Normally when I see pictures of a GT there are 5-7 small pieces that were built for 3 and 4 edition 40k. The problem the terrain was painted to below standard in my opinion.

2. Custom models: The more and more I see it the less and less I like them. One Ork player had 3 battle wagons that would have put a bane blade to shame. If there is a model then use it and use those monstrosities in Apocalypse. I would have been pissed if I had to play those tanks.

3. Games: They did a great job of get matches posted and for the most part they were flawless on their timing. They did have a couple of hiccups on the first day; a couple of players had to been given a warning for “slow playing”.

4. The Players: Every player I met was a good person. They were either super pumped about the hobby or cracking jokes. They’re good group of gamers.

5. Painted armies, almost: There were 20 -30 above average painted armies. With over 200 gamers that is disappointing. Some armies were not fully painted or built. Please bring the hobby back to GTs, please!

6. Mirror match: This was by far the coolest event all weekend in my option. The players played a 3 round tourney. All the lists were identical to each other. The tournament organizers posted the list on the website and that is what each of the players had to use. Great idea and it was fun to watch!

Next year I think I’m going to play in the mirror match. Over all I would suggest that you take a look War Games Con and maybe I will see you there next year!


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