Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What does complaining really accomplish?

This is a question I find myself trying to answer in the last couple of years when it is related to Games Workshop. Of course people cry about price raises, finecast or any other ills in the hobby GW gets blamed for. In this post I’m going to tackle a couple of myths and give hope to the standard bearers of the GW hobby.

GW cost too much?! Does it really? I find if you do all aspect of the hobby you get more than enough value out of GW minis. A Tactical Squad comes in at $38 bucks and I could complain that it is $3.80 a mini. I look at the fact that it is going to take me 20 min to 30 min to build and clean one SM, then another hour or two to paint it. Then I game with it another 4 hours a week. So for $38 dollars in one year I get 106 hours of enjoyment out of it. How the hell is that too expensive? I’m I missing something? Ever think about getting a job that pays you a salary that will allow you to buy minis? The hobby is a luxury not a right!

There is a double standard or high standard that GW is held to, while other companies can do no wrong. Privateer Press has come out with another press release (http://privateerpress.com/an-important-announcement-concerning-new-steps-toward-product-fulfillment) saying that they are going to delay releases again. This is due to the “high” demand for their product. This is the third time in the last two years PP has done this. To me this smells of poor planning and not enough liquid capital to increase production but they’re given a pass because they are viewed as the golden child. If GW was to do this, the sky would be falling and rumors of Hasbro buying GW would surface, again. This is a perfect example of the double standard GW faces.

The internet trolls are in “rage” mode. These groups of basement dwellers have taken over the internet and spreading the lies that GW is evil. They high jack threads and try to bury anything good GW does with lies and baseless facts. These booger eaters would have you believe that they all have business degrees or a law degree. When in fact they’re the troll that sits in the corner of the store and leers at your gaming group and wishes he could be a member. He sits there avoiding eye contact and fights back the feelings that this is like high school all over again. His silent stares are interrupted by a phone call from his mom who wants to make sure he will be ready at 5 pm when she comes to pick him up. The other type of internet troll on the internet is just being that guy for the sake of being that guy.

I say stick with GW because they have been there with you over the years. I have tons of fond memories and a great group of friends that I have made over my 20+ years of playing GW games. Trolls may call me a fanboy but I’m the true definition of a GW hobbyist.



  1. Is that a man or a woman in that picture?

  2. The current society is full of lazy stupid people. The general pubic and their stupidity make me sick.

    I see people do the double standard with table top gaming all the time. There is a gentlemen on youtube named Doremicom who brought about the fire upon GW with their price increase and said he then couldnt finish his new Grey Knights army and proceeded to buy more Warmachine and a couple armies and rulebook for Infinity. Yeah, like thats cheap.

    I asked him in a round about way why he thought it was alright to spend hundreds on two armies and not on GW. Pathetic.

    And why the fuck do I have to listen to Romeo blow Privateer Press and Infinity on a 40k radio show? Hes a fuckin retard and ruins that show. Its 40k, not anything else. You dont bash GW on a god damn 40k show. Moron.

  3. I concur, People really have to understand that This hobby isn't cheap and it never will be. Everyone knows that when they get into it. It's like you said its a luxury not a right. Its just a lower end luxury. You don't see me complaining that Ferrari raised their prices again, not that I could ever afford one ever!, but its just an example. Its a luxury and plan to pay out the ass for what you love and want, and make sure you enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

  4. I might as well write on my blog

    "there is this annoying blogger called Micheal; he hates romeo, and is too blind to realise that romeo take 5 hours out of his busy week to give thousand of loving fans of 40k radio a show they can enjoy. Bitching and complaining and ironically (as the title states) trolling about 40k radio does nothing good.

    Micheal is a Moron, A "fuckin retard" as he likes to state. He does nothing good to the 40k community and if anything, MAKES IT WORSE!!"

    Now how did that feel Micheal? Sad? Annoyed? Well deja vu, look at your post above, see any similarity? The way your feeling now is the way romeo feel right now. If you have nothing nice to say. WHY SAY IT!

    PS: I don't actually mean that, I love your blog. I just want to show you how it feel to be under the troll radar. In fact, it sucks I have been there, don't do it bro, it makes nobody happy...

  5. Yeah, the price is reasonable in the UK, in NA. But hey, go over to GW's Australian site some time. Or maybe go over to GW's Japanese site. That's even worse.

    Sure, most of the trolls are situated in America. But hey, what does that tell you about America?

    TL;DR - In NA, the price is OK. In Australia, it isn't.

  6. Dude you are so right.. People cry and moan over price increases yet go get into there car and pay more and more for petrol and dont cry over that. I get the bus and the prices go up every year I dont mind.. People cry about paying £40 for a football shirt (sorry im in the uk soccer) If you dont like it dont pay it.. people maon about the prices of tickets to the games damn it dont go im sure that people who can afford it will go.. the only thing that you really need to go and buy is food drink clothing. If you cant afford luxury items dont get them. I think in this day and age people are too happy to live outside of there means. buying stupid items that they cant afford until at a time they have no money then they moan they cant afford anything else.. If you cant afford something dont buy it and get on with it. I have to save to buy my warhammer stuff and i have a wife a house a job and other stuff wich comes first. I dont moan when GW puts up prices I just have to save longer or work more hours. sometimes these moaners are kids whos perants wont buy it for them. so I guess all im saying is people should live with what they can afford. (maybe then we wouldnt be in a financial crysis??)