Monday, August 1, 2011

Thoughts of campaigns and conquests

As our campaign draws to a close I am looking back on what liked and did not like about running it right out of Planetary Empires. It was a great way to get our gaming group going and to have some fun over the summer.

What I liked

-The campaign got us all playing and hobbying.

-Simple rules. They were simple enough which was good for our first shot at a campaign.

- The map that you get in the box is amazing. Throw a little paint on it and you would be hard pressed to find something better.

-The heroic action table. I liked how it added another level to the gaming. Would like to see it incorporated in other ways.

Things I would change:

-Have two sides. Having every person on his own did not feel quite right.

-Have the campaign split up into phases. During that phase a person could play as many or as few games as they wanted.

-Utilize the Planet Strike, Cities of Death and Battle Missions book.

-Have a theme/narrative for the campaign. This is where things get tricky. I personally would love to have our next campaign Imperium vs Orks or Imperium vs Chaos.....the only problem you run into is that doing something so specific essentially eliminates some people from playing. I would also like the campaign to feel less like one off battle and more like the ups and downs of a long military campaign.

In the end it has been a blast and has given us a reason to paint on Wednesday nights and to get our game on and hang out on Saturday's. The campaign has done wonders to invigorate many of our hobbies. It has been cause for most of us to start out own blogs and we have all had a ton of fun. If you have any ideas or resources for running campaigns please send the info our way!


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