Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mike drops in

As we grow as a blog you will get to meet the guys I play with. These are a bunch of great guys and Hobbyist. I would like to introduce you to Mike.

I guess I should introduce myself as I was asked by a bud to give some of my awesome insight into this fun hobby of ours. My name is Mike, I am married and I have a couple teenagers (one daughter and one son) who also play this game. I just got into the hobby a couple years ago when a local store opened that was run by Kyle. I bought some Space Marines and made my own special Raven Guard. My Raven Guard did very well against the locals here in AZ. I then took a break from 40k for a while, until recently when I started a new army. I chose Space Wolves and plan to play them in a campaign that will be held at Kyle's house.

Getting back into this hobby is not an easy thing to do. I mean, hell, it’s just like any other hobby. To do it right you have to pay through the nose. So I start getting back into 40K and BOOM, GW craps on my chests with another price increase. I'm pretty sure that was the last reason why I quit playing... but this time I'm going to power through it. We have a nice gaming group going here. We get together play, theoryhammer, and just hang out. It is a great distraction so I don’t get sucked into another MMORPG!

This will be the beginning of a constant blog update of my Space Wolves, building them, painting them and finally playing games with them. I mean, who doesn't want to hear funny stories of me ripping the dicks off of Kyle and Rik? It’s what I do, run and tell that.

So here we go to kick this off. Here is the basis for my army and the reasons I picked them. Feel free to comment at the end on what you would change or add as I will be changing and adding to the army in the future. This is just the base army.

HQ -

Bran Redmaw (Ragnar Blackmane) - I love Furious Charge, that’s it; plain and simple. If I can get it in an army, I will. I find him kinda expensive, but when you combine him with 3 other power weapon characters you can get some crazy damage going. Let’s say you hit 3 on his D3 roll... that’s 8 S6 hits, 6 S5 hits, 6 S5 hits with claws and 5 S5 hits... all power weapon with preferred enemy... then 45 or so regular hits?

Wolf Priest w/ Wolf Tail Talisman - Preferred Enemy is hot sauce. Put him with Redmaw and the 10man Grey Hunters in a Land Raider.

Elite -

Dreadnought W/hvy Flamer - I love Dreads and they can do so many different things. For the same points I can put on a Missle Launcher so it’s flexible in the list.

5Man Wolf Scout Pack W/ Meltagun, Melta Bombs and 3 Sniper Rifles - Scouts off any table edge? Cmon thats like a no brainer. You gotta take that. They will be blowing up armor... hopefully.

Wolf Guard -

(1) Dual Wolf Claws, Melta Bombs - Goes in the 10man Grey Hunter unit.

(2) Powerfist and Bolter - Goes in a 9man Grey Hunter unit.

(3) Powerfist and Bolter - Goes in a 9man Grey Hunter unit.

Troops -

10man Grey Hunters w/ 2 Meltas and a Power Weapon. - This unit goes with all the badness in the Land Raider. The first list had Blood Claws, but with Redmaw I don’t need the Blood Claws so it changed to Grey Hunters. That would make 4 characters with power weapons, furious charge. +D3 on the charge and Preferred Enemy. The one weakness is no Powerfist (which I don’t like using in a Furious Charged unit) and only one Melta Bomb... but really... I don’t think I am going to be charging this unit into an Ironclad or anything like that.

9man Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun and Power Weapon in a Rhino. x2 - These are my basic objective taking troops. They cover most any problem with the Power Weapon and Powerfists along with the Meltagun.

5man Grey Hunters w/ Razorback and TL Lascannons - This is the defensive objective holder for the army. People may say that Las/Plas is the way to go, but I roll so shitty that I need that twin-linked action.

Heavy -

Land Raider Crusader w/ Multi-Melta - 13 First Great Company warriors running into your face and eating your heart.

Predator w/ TL Lascannon and Lascannon sponsons x2 - Why? Stormravens suck. I love them if I play with them (which I don’t) and I hate them when I play against them (which I do). So eat all my Lascannons you Grey Knight and Blood Angel gaybirds, like Rik and Matt I got your ceramite armor right here!

So here is some of the army... all the troops, Land Raider, Dreadnought and Rhino before priming. I already have the other crap ordered so just waiting for it. I should have it all built by the weekend. More pics and updates to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

- Mike

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