Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you a hobby champ or a hobby chump?

With the newest round of price raises came out all the trolls blowing GW up. Yes, having to pay more money for models sucks. But here is a thought.....why don't you get more out of those models you have already?

I have noticed a bad trend in the hobby lately. That trend is to make a list that crushes starfishes at all costs and to do as little hobbying (modeling, converting, painting, etc) as possible. Tournaments are no longer judged upon a combination of wins, sportsmanship and painting. Instead it is all about winning. The result is tables full of silver and and grey armies or worse yet, armies that are terribly painted in a hurry (I am looking at you Stelek). I blame the whole Privateer Press mentality. When was the last time you saw an unpainted army in White Dwarf?

I would like see people take fun lists. I would like to see cool looking armies (not all ten Space Marines in a squad posed the same way). I would like to see proper hobbying (at least try to remove the mold lines....after all they don't give you an extra attack). And I would like to see people properly paint their armies. You get so much more out of the game building and painting a cool looking army. And with all of the new foundations and washes it is not that hard to make an army look rad.

So instead of taking a giant crap on the hobby and GW, sit back and ask yourself "Am I getting the most out of my hobby?"


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  1. Nice post Rik, sad to see you leave 40k radio though, but can't wait to see some pics of both your armies.

    A 40k radio fan,