Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb Moto 2012 Gold

I completed the foundation to most Space Marine armies, the Tactical Squad. I really need to make an army list for the Crimson Fist army. Right now I'm painting models that ignite the creative spark. My mission is to have an army list done by this weekend and I will post it up.

PS I have encountered a slight problem with painting Crimson Fist. I know have the itch to play Orks and already bought a Nobz box. This is going to be one hell of a hobby year!



  1. Kyle: Crimson Fist are looking good! I have about 60+ Black Reach Orks that are begging to be painted. I really need to finish up my Space Marines so I can get started with them. I look forward to seeing your progress...

  2. Let's see that 25th year anniversary model in your army!

  3. Wow, the army is coming along nicely.

    I guess orks will be your first non space marine army (according to one of the 40k radio eps)

    As a fellow ork player I'm really interested to see how they turn out.